About Toolbox

Toolbox is an online barware and coffee tools store in Cyprus.  Our company also offers counselling and expertise to professionals of the hospitality industry in Cyprus and solutions for bar design, luxury bar equipment, coffee tools and glassware.

Toolbox offers solutions for custom design bars stations for professionals in Cyprus.  All bar stations are made to custom according to customer needs.

Über Bar Tools, luxury bar equipment.

Toolbox is the exclusive distributor of Über Bar Tools in Cyprus

Über brings ergonomic and stylish solutions to tool design drawn from the innovation seen behind bars around the globe.
Years of experience and relationships ensure the finished product is as excellent as the idea that brought it to life without compromise on quality. The finish on Über Bar Tools is second to none; with appropriate care they’ll outlast any of competitors’ generic products. Should you own a bar, then experience how quality tools with inspired design is not a cost but a worthy investment in long life outcomes.

Urban Bar, Luxury barware & market leading glassware

Toolbox is the authorised distributor of Urban Bar luxury barware & glassware in Cyprus.
Urban Bar have been designing market leading luxury barware & glassware for the hospitality and drinks industry for over 30 years. The company’s aim is to produce shapes that enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of the drinking experience. Urban Bar offers machine and handmade glasses and a comprehensive range of plastics. All items have been designed with purpose, practicality and longevity in mind. The effort put into producing or making a drink should be reflected in what it is served in.

Toolbox is the authorised distributor of the company 100% Barman in Cyprus.

100% Barman creates the tools for bartenders for the most innovative presentation of cocktails.
100% Barman accompanies bartenders in the elaboration of each recipe, from the preparation of the different elements of the cocktail to cocktail-making and service.

Toolbox is the authorised distributor of JoeFrex coffee tools in Cyprus.

JoeFrex is a household name in the world of espresso fans, barista and specialty retailers, guaranteeing the highest quality, reliability and design originality.  The company’s top priorities are customer satisfaction, efficient service and constant innovation. Customers from all over the world appreciate the company’s commitment to new ideas and concepts.

Toolbox is the authorised distributor of Tojiro knives in Cyprus.

Founded in 1955, Tojiro is one of the most popular brands of Japanese kitchen knives, and that is why its knives are widely used by professional cooks and amateurs even in Western markets such as the European one. All Tojiro knives are made in Niigata, Japan using a combination of the traditional old, Japanese know-how in the world of cutlery with the latest technology in the industry.

Toolbox is the exclusive distributor of Triangle tools in Cyprus.

Triangle tools are marketed worldwide and stand for high-quality and functional kitchen tools for chefs and bar professionals.